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Performers Downloads 2011

Images below are available for download for Free Festival performers, promoters and producers. . All images are high resolution images and may be scaled down as required and have now been updated for the 2011 Fringe

fflsml.jpg (4290 bytes)
Free Festival Logo
Free Festival Logo - 2011 Dates
Transparant GIF / JPG / TIF
Plain Free Festival Logo (No date)

Transparent Background (GIF)

White Background (GIF)
Black Background (JPG)
Blue Background (JPG)
Yellow Background (JPG)


venlogosml.jpg (3977 bytes)

2011 Venue logos

Espionage Logos
Please make sure you use the correct logo for the room you are performing in at Espionage - to help audiences in 2010 all signage will be color coded - Kasbar: Red; Pravda: Amber; Mata Hari: Green; Blue - Lizard Lounge
Espionage - Kasbar (TIF) Espionage - Kasbar (JPG)
Espionage - Pravda (TIF) Espionage - Pravda (JPG)
Espionage - Mata Hari (TIF) Espionage - Mata Hari (JPG
Espionage - Lizard Lounge (TIF) Espionage - Lizard Lounge (JPG)
Other Venue Logos
The Beehive (TIF) The Beehive (JPG)
Cafe Renroc (TIF) Cafe Renroc (JPG)
City Cafe (TIF) City Cafe (JPG)
Counting House (TIF) Counting House (JPG)
Edinburgh City FC (TIF) Edinburgh City FC (JPG)
Finnegan's Wake (TIF) Finnegan's Wake (JPG)
Hive (TIF)

Hive (JPG)

Jekyll & Hyde (TIF) Jekyll & Hyde (JPG)
Koko (TIF) Koko (JPG)
Meadow bar (TIF) Meadow bar (JPG)
Newsroom (TIF) Newsroom (JPG)
Pear Tree (TIF) Pear Tree (JPG)
The Phoenix (TIF) The Phoenix (JPG)
Three Sisters (TIF) Three Sisters (JPG)
The White Horse (TIF) The White Horse (JPG)

Free Festival 2011 Map

Download TIF / Download JPG 


LHnewLogo1smm.jpg (4951 bytes)

Laughing Horse Downloads
Laughing Horse graphical / Round Logo
'Laughing Horse' Text
Laughing Horse TrueType Font
fringeogsml.jpg (2595 bytes)

Fringe Downloads

Fringe logo - Red

Fringe Logo - Orange


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