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Helen Arney, Broderick Chow, Tom Goodliffe & Nat Luurtsema


Jul 31,Aug 1-10,12-24 14:10 (1hr)

Venue: Espionage, 4 India Buildings, Victoria Street. In Mata Hari
(Entrances on Victoria Street and Cowgate)
click here for venue details. Click here for map.
Box Office: 0131 477 7007
Admission: FREE

Four exciting comedians celebrate everyday heroism in a show full of afternoon fun! Join Helen Arney, Broderick Chow, Tom Goodliffe, and Nat Luurtsema for laugh out loud stories of heroes: heartfelt or horrific, but always hilarious.

This is a show about four people who want to be heroes.

Four people with no discernible skills. Except the ability to make people laugh - but from bitter experience we know the Job Centre doesn't recognise this as a skill.

We're: Broderick Chow (semi-finalist Amused Moose LaughOff 2008) Helen Arney (semi-finalist Funny Women 2008) Nat Luurtsema (Chortle Best Newcomer nominee 2008, finalist Funny Women 2007 and Laughing Horse New Act of the Year 2008) and Tom Goodliffe (finalist You Must Be Joking, Newbury Comedy Festival 2008)

Yes, that's all well and good, but it doesn't make us heroes, does it?

We've never saved a baby from a burning building, or stopped a speeding train with one finger, or even saved the planet a little bit (recycling doesn't count) and, given our limited skills and poor time management, neither are we likely to.

So our motto is: "Achievable Goals." Shout it while punching the air, it sounds a little bit more heroic like that. Go on.

Homework for Heroes celebrates tiny acts of heroism that are often overlooked for flashy nonsense like a bloke pratting about in a leotard. We want to find the heroism around us and inside us (don't be childish) in just under an hour. There will be jokes, stories, games and heroic deeds - basically a big bucket of afternoon fun. And definitely no leotards.

"To be an everyday hero, you don't have to wear your pants on the outside. But sometimes it just feels right."


There is no need to Book Tickets for Free Festival shows - just turn up 10 minutes before the performances. Please contact the venue for assitance with disability access


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