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April 5, 2013 Marc Lucero Interview
Interview with Marc Lucero
One of the most popular comedians, with promoters and audiences alike, Marc Lucero recently won Silver Comedyís Silver Stand Up of the Year 2013 Competition at Daveís Leicester Comedy Festival.

Laughing Horse caught up with him at the end of March 2013, to see if the success has gone to his head.

LH: What can you tell us about winning the Silver Comedy Award?

The trophy is a nice addition to our house, itís touring, first month in the kitchen, now moved on to the office before finally going into the front room. I urge more acts to enter next year it was all really positive.

LH: You got a fair bit of publicity and interviews, did you get any offers? Will you be going off to Hollywood?

Well Iíve now got strong links with the Leicester Comedy Festival and will definitely take a show there next year. Iíve been offered support slot on a major UK tour but I donít want to say who with at this moment. My family live in LA, we used to live on Fountain Ave so yes I will be going to Hollywood.

LH: And how long have you been performing comedy for?

Eighteen years

LH: What made you start performing?

I was lost and perhaps unemployable, my only redeeming feature seemed to be that I get on with most people. In the early 80ís I got taken to see George Carlin whilst in Vegas, that was it, that night changed my life.

LH: How much has it changed since you started?

I think itís constantly changing, it was easy to get an open spot years ago whereas now Iíve heard itís quite difficult. Having always been a bit of rebellious type I thought that stand up was non-conformist and right for me but of course stand up is now an option at Uni. and is as acceptable as being a solicitor or a doctor.

LH: It used to be a phone call to get gigs, now itís mostly emails. Have you embraced the new technology or do you ever find yourself struggling?

Iím totally up with all forms of new media, Iím working with a company at the moment thatís going to make it possible to email cheese.

LH: You are on the road quite a bit, do you still enjoy that aspect of performing?

Yes love it more than ever, Iíve got a fairly new hybrid car so travelling is a pleasure.

LH: What did you do before you were making people laugh?

Iíve always made people laugh itís just that now I get paid to do it, Iíve never really had a proper job, the odd market stall, I love that line in the Electronic song ĎGetting away with it Ē it sort of sums me up.

LH: What do you make of the trendy young acts with the tight jeans and odd hair styles?

Maybe some of them should write some jokesÖ.. oohh that was a bit bitchy.

LH: Do you have a comedy hero?

Probably Phil Silvers BUT having just watched Ricky Gevaisís ĎDerekí he has to be up there for me, genius. Plus of course, Seinfeld and Larry David. Anything Noel Fielding does is total quality.

LH: How do you see your own future, and the future of comedy in general?

I donít really think about my future, my eleven year old sonís future yes. I donít think oneself can plot life, that can lead to disappointment and bitterness if it doesn't happen the way you wanted it to. I would like to think that stand up will survive in small venues but maybe get sponsorship to make it viable for acts to do them. Nothing is ever going to go pear shaped at the O2 or Live at the Apollo, ever, itís sterile. In a small club you never know quite whatís going to happen.

LH: What do you do when people say ĎTell us a jokeí?

Tell them I donít know any.

LH: What would you tell 20 year old Marc Lucero?

Travel as much as possible, get property as soon as possible. Dance because girls will like it. I know itís a clichť but follow your dreams. Donít drink, donít smoke and donít ever go to The Emirates, unless of course Spurs are playing.

LH: Most irritating aspect of modern life?

Having to recycle food waste, in the kitchen the ants have found out where the bin is hence we now have a plague of ants. I canít put ant killer down in case the dog eats it. In the outside bin the foxes tuck in at night leaving stuff all over the place.

LH: Favorite TV show?

Following ĎThe Followingí at the moment.

LH: What keeps you awake at night?

Foxes (see above)

LH: When were you last out of breath?

Last Saturday playing football with my son Fox (two not four legged variety) and his mates

Marc Lucero will be performing at the Laughing Horse in Hammersmith on Saturday 13th April 2013. Buy tickets here for £7.

The Egerton is a wheelchair accessible comedy club and can be found at
73 Dalling Road, Hammersmith, London W6 0JD

Wheelchair access comedy Club London
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