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Who are we?

This website lists shows and service for Laughing Horse Comedy Ltd (which runs the new act competition and smaller gigs), Laughing Horse Festivals Ltd (which runs all of the festival and show producing stuff) and Comedy Point Ltd (Which runs all of the agency side of things and larger gig booking)

To contact us about anything on this website, or for anything related to the comedy shows and events the best way to do this is email admin@laughinghorse.co.uk and that will get put through to the right person.

You can also call us on 020 3287 5533 (but email is a lot quicker)

The people running things are Alex Petty (alex@laughinghorse.co.uk) , Lewis Bryan (lewis@laughinghorse.co.uk) and Kevin McCarron (kevin@laughinghorse.co.uk)

What is the history?

Laughing Horse Comedy has many years of experience in running Live Comedy Venues. Our original venue opened in 1998 (in Kingston, called "Peppermint Thursdays"), and this was followed by the first "Laughing Horse", at the "Black Horse" in Richmond - a Richmond venue is still running today. Over the years we have promoted comedy and supplied performers for over 400 venues and companies.

From this, Laughing Horse grew to produce shows and run festival venues (starting in Edinburgh in 2004), run comedy courses, run the UK's largest search for new comedy, and move into many other areas of comedy production and are now one of the largest producers of shows at the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringes, with a presence internationally at Festivals in Australia and America.

Laughing Horse Comedy Website Privacy Policy

Laughing Horse Comedy and Comedy Point are committed to ensuring the privacy of all our users, and this privacy policy governs all pages hosted at www.laughinghorsecomedy.co.uk and www.laughinghorse.co.uk. This policy does not apply to pages hosted by other organisations whose websites we link to.

What types of information do we collect and store?

Laughing Horse Comedy do not store any personal information of visitors on it's servers, and the site does not use cookies. Website traffic is monitored by www.sitemeter.com . You can access our pages without telling us who you are and without revealing any personal information. Our site is hosted on servers at www.fasthosts.co.uk. We do not collect personally identifiable information (such as your name, address, phone number or e-mail address) on our site, unless you explicitly supply this to us to join our mailing list, sign up as to register as a performer, or to use our forums. When you do sign up, all information is only used by us for the purposes of administering the forums, festivals (for performers) and using our mailing list which you can opt out of at any stage.

If you have chosen to provide us any information via the site or email, then these personal details are kept confidential and are stored securely while they are required for those purposes for which they were given. This information will not be sold nor rented nor will it be shared with third parties unless we have your permission

Payment Processing

If you purchase tickets for shows or courses online, your payment details are processed through a third-party secure payment provider, this will normally be processed by www.ticketweb.co.uk (part of Ticketmaster), WeGotTickets (www.wegottickets.com) or Paypal (www.paypal.com) . Your credit/debit card details will only be retained by the third-party and its acquiring bank. Under normal circumstances we can only see the last four digits of any credit card number for the purposes of confirming pre-paid tickets - in the case of a suspected fraudulent transaction, card details may be disclosed to us for the sole purpose of performing further checks, but we are not permitted to retain these details after the checks have been made.

Refund Policy

Once show tickets are purchased online, we cannot refund tickets, and sales are subject to the terms of sale of the ticket vendor. For comedy courses we are able to transfer these tickets to another person, or another course date, to do this contact us on admin@laughinghorse.co.uk

Email Lists

If you express interest in our services or join any of our email lists you will from time to time automatically receive information from us such as email newsletters about those areas of interest. Each email will have the option to unsubscribe, and you can also contact is on admin@laughinghorse.co.uk at any time about  this.


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