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December 4, 2015 Laughing Horse
We chat with last year's Competition Winner, Jenny Collier
Laughing Horse New Act Of The Year Jenny Collier joined us at The Laughing Horse Lock-Up for a chat a cup of tea and to see who she would most like to be stranded in a boat with, just in time for this year's new act final and for someone else to win the accolade...

A year on, do you feel about being a New Act Of The Year Competition winner?

Iím still over the moon about it, still canít believe I won! Especially considering the high quality acts I was up against. Itís helped get my name out and I reckon played a role in getting me signed with an agent.

What did it feel like to win it?

Such a great feeling. I was so pleased and excited to be able to go to Asia as part of the International Comedy Festival. The prize money also helped hugely ( it was around the time I was making the transition to becoming full time!)

Laughing Horse are took you to Australia Ė how was it?

I was really excited. Perhaps most excited about the sunshine! I love Edinburgh Festival so it was great to do a festival in a hotter climate. I went there 10 years ago and LOVED it. Lovely friendly, fun people. Glorious. Such a great experience to gig in a different country and meet lots of great comedians from the other side of the world.

Do you enjoy doing festivals?

I love festivals. When you do your own show it's all down to you. That can make it a bit more nerve wracking but then all the more of an achievement when it goes to plan!

Travelling is a big part of comedy Ė do you have any good stories from the road?

ĎWhat happens on the road stays on the roadí. Long road trips are great for picking up advice from fellow comics and hearing about other peopleís experiences.

If you were stranded on a boat with one comic who would it be?

Whichever ones have the most maritime experience.

Sounds like Eric the Submariner then! What do you find the most enjoyable about doing comedy?

So many things: audiences enjoying your stuff, meeting ace new people, travelling round the country, seeing more of London than you ever would normally, coming up with new stuff and it working.

If you could do a gig in any venue in any place in the world where would it?

The Stand in Edinburgh. I performed at for the first time in June. It was amazing. Brilliant room. Lovely line up. Big laughy audience.

Whatís the worst gig youíve ever done?

I once performed to a busy road as part of a festival. Material seemed pointless as no one was actually listening, I tried to talk to a few people but as soon as you engaged with them they just walked off and carried on with their life. Not the perfect venue for comedy.

How do you write?

I donít really sit down and write. When stuff happens to me I tell people about it. Iím so scared theyíll get bored listening that I try to make it lolworthy. I used to do that before I started stand up and Iíve taken that with me.

What do you like to do after a gig to wind down?

Having a drink with the other comics. Gigging often eats into what would be time youíd spend socialising so itís nice to have a chinwag!

Your Edinburgh show was about being single, who is your ultimate crush?

Brandon Flowers (will he read this? OHMYGODILOVEYOUBRANDON). And all of One Direction.

What are you working on for 2016?

At the moment Iím preparing for going to Perth and Adelaide Fringes. I also need to get sorted for Edinburgh and maybe Brighton too. Iím doing my first ever Welsh language gig next autumn so I need to start preparing now really!

What is your ultimate goal in comedy?

Mainly just to be able to keep paying rent. Thatís probably the main one. Also, to write and be in a sitcom. Be on Live at The Apollo. Be on Would I Lie To You?

Thanks for Chatting Jenny, and we'll see you at our gigs in the UK and Australia in 2016!
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