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What's on in Perth (in Alphabetical Order)

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6.15pm & 8pm - West Australian Spiegeltent, Pleasure Garden
9.30pm - Freo Royal Buffalo Club

Back for it's 3rd year in Perth, Laughing Horse Comedy presents it's sensational smorgasbord of British comedic talent, with a comedy-club line-up featuring four top UK comedians for the price of one.
The show has had a sell-out run at Fringe World Festival 2014, and a near sell-out run in 2015, and there has also been further sell-out runs at the Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringes in the UK.
With Laughing Horse Comedy riding back in to Perth, they bring with them some more of the finest UK and international comedians to hit FRINGE WORLD Festival - alongside some of the best international performers that have visited the UK to perform at the world's largest Fringe in Edinburgh.
The comedians are all hand-picked from shows all around the Festival, to give you a night out where top laughs are guaranteed, and there's also a different line-up at every show.
★★★★ - Herald Sun (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)
“A fantastic variety and well-paced hour of comedy” (Yawp Magazine, Melbourne International Comedy Festival)
“Fast paced, witty, fun and amazing” – (Melbourne Comedy Festival)
"Cracking Comedy Selection" ★★★★★ (Cream of the Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, UK).
“A Fantastic Night of Comedy… I love these shows, the quality never slips” ★★★★ (Three Weeks Magazine, Edinburgh Fringe, UK)
“Kept the Crowd well Entertained – Ace” ★★★★ (Rip It Up Magazine, Adelaide Fringe)
“A great way to sample a variety of comedians” ★★★★ (The Skinny Magazine, Edinburgh Fringe, UK)
“A great Night Out” – (South West Live, UK, 2012)

Jan 22-27 in Perth; Feb 5 & 6 in Fremantle + EXTRA SHOWS ADDED - Jan 22, 23, 24 at 8pm in Perth - CLICK HERE TO BOOK TICKETS

Daily Line-ups - Perth

Jan 22 6.15pm - Alexis Dubas, Micky D, Nick Page, Paul Revil, Nik Coppin (MC)
Jan 22 8pm - Line-up TBC
Jan 23 6.15pm - Titty Bar Ha Ha, Nick Page, Jenny Collier, Paul Revil, Nik Coppin (MC)
Jan 23 8pm - Line-up TBC
Jan 24 6.15pm - Nick Page, Aiden Killian, Titty Bar Ha Ha, Paul Revil, Nik Coppin (MC)
Jan 24 8pm - Line-Up TBC
Jan 25 6.15pm - Matt Price, Nick Page, Paul Revil, Mute Matt, Nik Coppin (MC)
Jan 26 6.15pm - Matt Price, Micky D, Joey Page, Paul Revil, Nik Coppin (MC)
Jan 27 6.15pm - Chris Lynam, Alexis Dubas, Sami Stone, Paul Revil, Nik Coppin (MC)

Daily Line-ups - Fremantle

Feb 5 9.30pm - Vladimir McTavish, Eddy Brimson, Jenny Collier, Paul Revil, Nik Coppin (MC)
Feb 6 9.30pm - Nick Page, Eddy Brimson, Vladimir McTavish, Paul Revil, Nik Coppin (MC)

6.15pm - Teatro 2, Pleasure Garden

Who, what, where, when? There's so much to choose from at Fringe World!
And if you can’t decide which international comedians to see at this year's Fringe, then this is the show for you!
Every year it seems that there are more and more international comedians of varying styles, descriptions and abilities landing on Australian soil to entertain you. And they all look and sound so good.
So, after sell-out runs in 2014 & 2015 at the Adelaide Fringe, the All-Star Intentional showcase comes to Perth's Fringe World for the first time!
The show is packed full of laughs from a selection of the Fringe’s hottest International comedians, all crammed into one show: four of the finest festival comics for the price of one.
You can see the best of English, Irish, Scottish, American, Canadian and Kiwi acts - plus many more depending on the night. There’s truly something for everyone, and it’s different every night.
This is absolutely the best way to see a choice selection of this year’s international visitors.
The show is hosted by the internationally-touring comedian Nik Coppin, who adds to the international flavour, being from the UK... and also Barbados.
“Rapid Fire Comedy” – Rip It Up Magazine, Adelaide


Daily Line-ups

Feb 2 6.15pm  -  Eddy Brimson (UK), Gordon Southern (UK), Aiden Killian (IRE), Paul Revil (UK), Nik Coppin MC (UK)
Feb 3
6.15pm -  Marcel Lucont (FRA), Nick Page (UK), Aiden Killian (IRE), Jenny Collier (UK), Nik Coppin MC (UK)
Feb 4
6.15pm  -  Marcel Lucont (FRA), Gordon Southern (UK), Eddy Brimson (UK), Aiden Killian (IRE), Nik Coppin MC (UK)
Feb 5
6.15pm  -  Wes Zaharak (CAN), Vladimir McTavish (UK), Gordon Southern (UK), Paul Revil (UK), Nik Coppin MC (UK)
Feb 6
6.15pm  -  Wes Zaharak (CAN), Vladamir McTavish (UK), Gordon Southern (UK), Nick Page (UK), Nik Coppin MC (UK)

8.45pm - The Skye Bar, Northbridge
Plus Weekend Matinee shows

Melbourne’s resident British comic Terry North introduces the best in International comedy and Cabaret, with a selection of top-notch comedians visiting Perth for you each night.
Enjoy some of the biggest and best laughs, and more, from all four corners of the globe at this show.
There’s something for everyone - and it’s a different every time - so come and enjoy some of the biggest and best laughs in this fantastic new comedy showcase.
A sell-out hit in it's first year at the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, this is the first year for this show to hit Perth.
"Had the Audience in Stitches" (Herald Sun, Melbourne Comedy Festival)
"Terry North has a knack for the funny, he has stories to tackle anyone's fancy, he won't let you down" (Funny Tonne, Melbourne Comedy Festival)

Jan 22, 23, 27-30, Feb 2-6 at 8.45pm + Weekend Matinees - CLICK HERE TO BOOK TICKETS

5.15pm - Teatro 1, Pleasure Garden

Following its huge debut success at Fringe World in 2015, many comedians converge once more in Perth to find out who is the greatest superhero of them all. With a mixture of stand-up comedy and interactive debate, this is a fun show that can be enjoyed by geeks and non-geeks in equal measure.
With the huge success of The Avengers and the Batman trilogy, the return of the Amazing Spider-Man and Superman movies, and Captain America, Iron Man and Wolverine making the A-list to name but a few, superheroes have never been so popular. We won't talk about the Fantastic Four movie though.
But who is the best?
Be part of this interactive, fun (but deadly serious!) comedy debate as a compere, adjudicator and four of the best comedians from around the Fringe converge in a verbal war of words in an endeavour to find out who is the greatest of them all.
★★★★ "This is such a fun and entertaining night where heckling is mildly encouraged, there are games in between rounds and prizes to be won. Even if you know nothing about superheros, as I did, it is immensely funny to watch people pull “facts” out of their behind and make them sound possibly factual. A Super fun night!" (The Clothesline, Adelaide Fringe)
"This was a fun chance to discuss and laugh about what are often very ridiculous characters" (Rip It Up, Adelaide Fringe)


4.45pm - Circus Theatre, Cultural Centre

With comedy, cabaret and fun for all the family to enjoy together, Huggers returns to Perth for a second year with enough variety to entertain all ages.
The show includes performers selected from the very best comedians, cabaret acts, children’s entertainers and street-performers at the Fringe - along with lots of fun quizzes and laughs from the host.
There's four acts at each show, and a revolving line-up each day. This hugely popular show is great entertainment for all the family to enjoy together, and makes a fantastically fun-filled afternoon for everyone.
“The kids had a great time” - Adelaide Fringe
“An enjoyable hour of varied family fun” - Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe
"Laughing and smiling until our cheeks hurt, children and adults of all ages were treated to comedy, magic, quizzes and giveaways. This fun, somewhat educational show is an easy afternoon out with the kids." - Rip it Up, Australia.
"Great show" - The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe


Daily Line-ups

Jan 23 4.45pm - Matty Grey Kids Comedian, Martin 'Bigpig' Mor, Paul Revil and Nik Coppin
Jan 24 4.45pm - Matty Grey Kids Comedian, Martin 'Bigpig' Mor, Paul Revil and Nik Coppin

10.45pm, The Sables, Cultural Centre
9.30pm. Freo Royal Buffalo Club

The world's cheekiest comedy show returns to Perth. Join a revolving line-up of the best comedians at the Fringe as they take to the stage and regale you with anecdotes and jokes about that most joyous and noble of all pastimes: Shagging.
Each show features more cheeky, hilarious stand-up comedy from the popular sell-out worldwide hit show that has had sell-out shows at Festivals and all over the UK, Asia, and across Australia in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Darwin.
★★★★★ "Spectacular...amazing. The perfect way to close a night at The Festival (Funny Tonne, Melbourne)
★★★★★ "A brilliant tour-de-force of laughter-filled mischievous comedy” (Arts-In-Leicestershire, UK)
★★★★★ "Excellent" (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)
★★★★ “Possibly the best value show at the festival. Cannot recommend it enough (Herald Sun, Melbourne)
"Comedy Gold. A damn fun time" (Adelaide Now)

Jan 22-27 in Perth; Jan 29 & 30 in Fremantle - CLICK HERE TO BOOK TICKETS

Daily Line-ups - Perth

Jan 22 10.45pm - Titty Bar Ha Ha (UK), Matt Price (UK), Andrew Roper (Aus), Paul Revil (UK), Nik Coppin MC (UK)
Jan 23 10.45pm - Matt Price (UK), Jenny Collier (UK), Micky D (Aus), Paul Revil (UK), Nik Coppin MC (UK)
Jan 24 10.45pm - Marcel Lucont (FRA), Titty Bar Ha Ha (UK), Andrew Roper (Aus), Paul Revil (UK), Nik Coppin MC (UK)
Jan 2510.45pm - Marcel Lucont (FRA), Aiden Killian (IRE), Jenny Collier (UK), Paul Revil (UK), Nik Coppin MC (UK)
Jan 26 10.45pm - Aiden Killian (IRE), Titty Bar Ha Ha (UK), Marcel Lucont (FRA), Paul Revil (UK), Nik Coppin MC (UK)
Jan 27 10.45pm - Micky D (AUS), Matt Price (UK), Jenny Collier (UK), Paul Revil (UK), Nik Coppin (MC)

Daily Line-ups - Fremantle

Jan 29 9.30pm - Andrew Roper (Aus), Jenny Collier (UK), Aiden Killian (IRE), Paul Revil (UK), Nik Coppin MC (UK)
Jan 30 9.30pm - Andrew Roper (Aus), Jenny Collier (UK), Aiden Killian (IRE), Paul Revil (UK), Nik Coppin MC (UK)


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