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Two Day Intensive Comedy Course In Brighton

Prices £75 / £65 Students

Courses currently in groups via Zoom over 2 days, plus an online graduation show - and then a further live show when we can return to or venue in Brighton.

For More in depth learning, we also have a Premium Course Option for £175/£165 - this offers additional training on top of our two day course.

In these unprecedented times comedy has never been more important. We are currently online with our comedy courses we have been teaching for over a decade - the online course is exactly the same as the live course and all the exercises are the same - plus there's an extra module on online comedy.

What makes a good Stand-Up Comedian?

Is it a natural talent? Or can you learn how to be a Comedian?

There are many common misconceptions as to how this is done.

Laughing Horse have been teaching comedy courses since 2006, which guide you through a proven process that professional comics use to write, perform and approach Stand-Up Comedy.

This course is not taught by theorists, lecturers or people that have never set foot on a stage. It is delivered by professional comedians who are currently performing Stand Up several times a week.

They have huge experience in teaching this art form and giving valuable feedback, problem-solving and encouraging students to develop their routine. They have a wide-ranging knowledge of the industry and how to make career progress.

The beginnersí course is best suited to people who have never performed stand up comedy before, or for new comedians wanting to get a good grounding knowledge of how stand-up works.

The course is very practical and spread over a weekend with a graduation show following the teaching which is open to friends, relatives and is advertised to the general public.

What does the course Cover?

  • Where material comes from and how to make routines of your own continuously
  • How to write material
  • Practical writing exercises
  • Learning how professional comics deconstruct comedy by watching and discussing current comedians
  • Editing and performing material written
  • How does online comedy work?
  • How the industry works

At the end of the course students perform live on zoom to an audience doing a 5 minute set at the graduation show, this is followed by feedback session  from the tutor.

Once comedy returns to venues later in the year, there will be additional graduation shows and feedback sessions.

Immerse yourself in Stand Up Comedy for a weekend (There will be homework!)

Previous Students Include

  • Lost Voice Guy
  • Daniel Sloss
  • Imran Yusuf
  • Nat Luurtsema

All appearing regularly on TV, National tours, Live DVD's

As well as many working comedians around the circuit both in the UK and in America at all levels from open mic to professional.

Take the first step on your stand up career - sign up to the course

""friendly, informative and well-structured. A supportive environment allows wannabe stand-ups to develop material quickly... A no-brainer for anyone interested in the business, and a fun experience "

Paul Doncaster, Beginners course graduate

""I have found the course immensely helpful, as an actor for a number of years - with the tutor very supportive and helpful. I have now managed to learn a whole new way to perform in just a couple of days"

David Watson, Beginners course graduate

We've had hundreds of students take this course over the years, as well as expert comedy reviewers take the course and rate it very highly.

Visit our Testimonials Page to see what the reviews have said, and hear from many more students as well.

Premium Course Option - £175/£165

Including everything on our standard Two Day course, plus:

  • A separate four hour one-to-one tuition session with the tutor following the 2-day course, to practise your routine and develop further ideas
  • In depth feedback from your graduation show performance
  • Additional help with your performance
  • A gig at a second Laughing Horse show with a further 15 minute feedback session straight afterwards

Booking Information

The dates this course is currently available are below, and can all be booked online.

Prices are £75, or £65 concession. If you would like to pay by bank transfer please contact us on admin@laughinghorse.co.uk. Also drop us an email if you have any more questions. For more information on our tutors - click here

Upcoming Dates - Book Your Course

Online Beginners Course

Main Times are UK Times


Sat 1 / Sun 2 May - 2 Day ONLINE COURSE - 6pm - 11pm each day

Sat 22 / Sun 23 May - 2 Day ONLINE COURSE - 11am - 4.30pm each day


Sat 19 / Sun 20 June - 2 Day ONLINE COURSE - 11am - 4.30pm each day


Sat 17 / Sun 18 July - 2 Day ONLINE COURSE - 11am - 4.30pm each day


Sat 14 / Sun 15 August - 2 Day ONLINE COURSE - 11am - 4.30pm each day


Sat 18 / Sun 19 September - 2 Day ONLINE COURSE - 11am - 4.30pm each day


Sat 9 / Sun 10 October - 2 Day ONLINE COURSE - 6pm - 11pm each day


Sat 13 /Sun 14 November - 2 Day ONLINE COURSE - 11am - 4.30pm each day


Sat 11 /Sun 12 December - 2 Day ONLINE COURSE - 11am - 4.30pm each day

We'll have more courses online each month from January 2022 onwards, dates to be confirmed later in 2021

Courses back in Venues

The courses in venues are unfortunately postponed until further notice, however if the governments route-map out of lockdown works we are aiming for the first in-person-in-a-venue courses to start again in late July or Early August 2021

We'll then be aiming to run the catch-up in-person graduation shows from September, for all those who have done the online courses since March 2020.

Of course this is all very much dependent on the government route out of lockdown happening as planned and dates may change etc, so we will all need to keep an eye on whatever Boris says over the coming weeks.

If you have a voucher for a beginners course, you can also use this on an online course. Due to the success of the online format we will be running both in-person and online courses each month when the in-person courses return.

Anyone who has a voucher due to expire before we resume in-person courses, who wants to wait rather than doing an online course, will get an automatic extra six months to use the voucher from when we restart.

Gift Vouchers are available for our Beginners Courses

If you'd like to give a unique present to someone for their birthday or Christmas who loves stand-up, a comedy course gift voucher is ideal for them! 

Vouchers are valid for two years and are also ideal if you want to do a course yourself but not commit to a specific date yet.

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Valid for course run in our venues and the Online Courses

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