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Grayson King

Grayson King is an immortal sponge machine who has achieved near-human intelligence and is celebrated for his work on cheese-monkey hybrids from somewhere near Tel Aviv, Bradford. In the last year alone he has taken great strides in the fields of necromancy and the divine art of knitting ugly hats in the shape of cute animals. His most recent experiment was a globally lauded success in which he resurrected several guinea pigs purely with the power of his mind, just don’t ask how they died originally… the answer is – tragically. Turns out guinea pigs can’t eat steel wool OR drink bleach. Meh. You live, you learn. Though he may never fulfil his ultimate life goal to fit a thousand and sixteen marshmallows into his mouth at once he can proudly say that he did in fact manage to get up this morning; that is before scratching himself intimately, rolling over and sleeping clean through to Saturday. He one day mildly hopes to see the Sun rise not as an event in the middle of his day but as the start of one. Or see a rhino mating with a walrus. Either/or. All jokes aside he wishes he could think of something important to say here.

Nah, nothing springs to mind.

Oh! Yes. He also loves to eat cats – the fluffier the better.



Seriously though:

Grayson King is an experimental and innovative singer/songwriter based in Edinburgh, his exhaustively written blog on Wordpress deals with his perspective and how he copes with full sensory hallucinations and insane extreme creativity as a part of his severe mood disorder, The Grayson King Method of Music and Creativity, which is a long term experiment in the approach to learning music, guitar and writing songs with an eye to teaching this method in the near future, maintaining positivity and speaking out after suffering heavy emotional and violent abuse throughout his upbringing and his general musings on life and anything else he can think of.

His experimentation and exploration extends even to his vocal capacity and he has several distinct 'voices' and styles ranging from a powerful baritone, to a tenor, textured moderato and up to soprano/falsetto that when combined with his ability to swap and jump through many styles of lyrical devices, genres and songwriting approaches allows him to create and build upon many unique soundscapes.

He learned guitar entirely through trial and error and built upon this in the last 6 years entirely using his instinct and creativity.

He hopes to become a strong positive role model by speaking out on the tragic issues he has had experience with and whilst doing so associate himself with and donate proceeds towards child protective foundations and mental health charities and the fight for equality for LGBT.

His extreme creativity is a way of life for him but also an unescapable symptom of his Bi-Polar-type condition. His contsant conceptual stream of thought has allowed him to record over 400,000 minutes of raw dictated ideas in the last 6 years alone across virtually every creative format you can have ideas on; from literary pursuits to inventions, sculptures, businesses, games, comedy, software, paintings, graphic novels, anime, films, children's books, the list goes on and includes over 100 different formats.

He just hopes to do some good and fill his life with good deeds.


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