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Venue Image
Laughing Horse Free Festival Venue
The Place

Fringe Venue 532 - Click here for map

34-38 York Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3HU  / 0131 556 7575

Food  Wifi  Licensed
Open from 11:00 to 23:30
All ages until 6pm, then 18+ only

The Place is a boutique hotel and bar, with a new heated outside terrace - It's the perfect place for a quick lunch, afternoon tea or stylish evening BBQs complete with big screen sports - with a full range of beers, wines and spirits, and free shows all day.

Shows at The Place
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Shows sorted by Venue Room
The Baird 

A Jewish Sexagenarian and a Liverpudlian Plumber walk into a bar ... COMEDY 
AUG 1-4 at 21:15 (60 min) - Free 
2 Shows 1 Gig. Henry Churniavsky (2019 Semi-Finalist in Mot so New Comedian of the Year, London)is a grumpy, sexagenarian. Can it get worse…yes he’s Jewish. Henry talks about getting through the mid...
The Place / The Baird 

A Poet's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse SPOKEN WORD 
AUG 15-19 at 12:30 (60 min) - Free 
2019... the economy has crumbled, politics has turned our society on its head, the apocalypse is here and what we need is a strategy to help us cope, survive and thrive. But most importantly of all, ...
The Place / The Baird 

Aaaaaaaaand Now! The Ed Factor: An Edinburgh Gong Show COMEDY 
AUG 1-25 at 22:30 (60 min) - Free 
Seven comedians: you, the audience, decide their fate. Who goes? Who lasts the full five minutes? You decide! Just like Britain’s Got Talent, the audience will have the power to gong acts off! Each ev...
The Place / The Baird 

An Excellent Cleanser of the Liver - Free COMEDY 
AUG 11-18 at 20:00 (60 min) - Free 
Hey, you! Don't watch that! Watch this! The Sheffield Revue Presents.... An Excellent Cleanser of the Liver A brand new show from some comedians you don't know! Guaranteed to make you laugh, or abso...
The Place / The Baird 

Coming of the Third Age MUSIC 
AUG 1-14 at 12:30 (60 min) - Free 
Coming of Age is a collection of songs on the theme of growing older. Composed and sung by Anna Durkacz, a late developer who started writing songs at the fine age of 57,the show takes us on an explor...
The Place / The Baird 

Girl Bully THEATRE 
AUG 1-10 at 20:00 (60 min) - Free 
Two bitches (Mary and Mary) explore the meaning of the word ‘bitch’ in an evening of comedy and theater. With appearances from our childhood selves, mean alter egos, Ann Coulter, and various other bit...
The Place / The Baird 

Japanese Sweet Wasabi: No Mask Required! COMEDY 
AUG 5-25 at 21:15 (60 min) - Free 
Kilara Sen, a female Japanese comedian from Tokyo, won’t wear surgical masks like other Japanese! This is her debut one-hour show on the Fringe. She shares the truth of a Japanese female's life and fe...
The Place / The Baird 

Jay Light: Fake It Til You Make It COMEDY 
AUG 1-25 at 23:45 (60 min) - Free 
"One of the best roasters in Los Angeles." - Jeff Ross "Not the son I thought I raised." - his mom Jay Light is trying to stop faking it. Sure, not being himself got him this far, but he's spent such...
The Place / The Baird 

Johnny Depp: A Retrospective On Late-Stage Capitalism THEATRE 
AUG 1-10 at 15:00 (60 min) - Free 
Join Johnny Depp — preteen heartthrob turned wino forever — for a retrospective on every film of his entire career, even the ones we didn’t watch, in order to ask... what happened? Toss your golden do...
The Place / The Baird 

Jumping Off the Bandwagon COMEDY 
AUG 20-25 at 12:30 (60 min) - Free 
There's no such thing as a free lunch but there is a free quality comedy show at lunchtime! Whatsapp group dynamics, Instagram validation and threesomes with Siri and Alexa. Stand-up and piano bits ab...
The Place / The Baird 

Jumping The Barriers THEATRE 
AUG 19-25 at 15:00 (60 min) - Free 
“Jumping the Barriers” tells the story of a chance meeting on a train between a wealthy young graduate and a homeless northerner, and how this dramatic mirror casts light on the inequality of our soci...
The Place / The Baird 

Laughing Horse FREE Comedy Selection COMEDY 
AUG 1-25 at 17:30 (60 min) - Free 
See the very best comedians from across the Fringe, alongside hot new talent and Fringe newcomers, with a different comedy line-up at each show, every day, as Laughing Horse's Comedy Selection returns...
The Place / The Baird 

Sets in the City - Free COMEDY 
AUG 11-18 at 15:00 (60 min) - Free 
Hey, you! Don't watch that! Watch this! The Sheffield Revue Presents.... Sets in the City A brand new show from some comedians you don't know! Guaranteed to make you laugh, or absolutely none of you...
The Place / The Baird 

Talk A Big Game COMEDY 
AUG 1-25 at 16:15 (60 min) - Free 
From the hit shows Britain, Let's Talk About the Golliwogs, and Puppet Fiction, comedian James Nokise returns to Edinburgh with his new show on... Sports!.. Yep. Sports. With Brexit and Trump, the ...
The Place / The Baird 

The Joy of Jokes COMEDY 
AUG 1-5, 7-12, 14-19, 21-25 at 18:45 (60 min) - Free 
Truthful stand-up, funny stories, good jokes and a few ad-libs. Ivor Dembina (The Guardian - 4 stars) and his glorious mixture of brand new, old and very old material. They say Jews are funny, Ivor De...
The Place / The Baird 

The Presented THEATRE 
AUG 1-25 at 13:45 (60 min) - Free 
A struggling artist working at a movie theater, Chris goes on a surreal adventure into his subconscious while popping popcorn. From childhood moments to famous 19th century actresses, armadillos and f...
The Place / The Baird 

What Are You Wearing? THEATRE 
AUG 19-25 at 20:00 (60 min) - Free 
"What Are You Wearing?" tells the story of two women. Sarah has just come out of a long term on-off relationship and has not had to date for over ten years. From Tinder to Twitter and from selfies to ...
The Place / The Baird 

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