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Note: This is show not from the current year being displayed. This show appeared in 2012 at Comedy New

FEBRUARY 16, 2020

Laughing Horse Festivals

Venue:London: Leicester Square, 7 Oxenden Street London SW1Y 4EE
Phone: 020 7839 7261
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Upstairs
Show Image

Come along to see up to 15 brand new comedians tread the comedy boards for the first time, after completing the Laughing Horse's New Comedy Course over the weekend.

The show is hosted by a top level experienced comedian, with the new comics all showing what they have learned from the professional comedians that teach these courses.

There's always a great selection of comedy on offer, and it's a great way to finish your weekend with a load of laughs, in a great West-End venue - as the entry is FREE (with donations at the end!)

Show 8pm-10pm
On the 2nd floor of The Comedy Pub

These course have been running for over a decade, with graduates going on to become comedy circuit, festival and TV stalwarts, so this is your chance to see the stars of tomorrow, today. For more info on the course, have a look here:

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