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Freudian Slip Club


Venue:The Golf Tavern, 30-31 Wright’s Houses (Next to Bruntsfield Links) Edinburgh EH10 4HR
Phone: 0131 221 5221
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Upstairs
AUG 21-25 at 18:00 (60 min)
Show Image

Join us for a hedonistic hour of weird, funny and confusing entertainment direct from the seething capital of culture and queerness, Berlin.
Through cabaret, comedy, music, burlesque and puppetry, the artists tackle sexuality, immigration, queerness, body politics and power. From Colombia, Lebanon, Australia and the USA, these power femmes deliver a vulvacious smack to the funny bones with a special blend of razor sharp wits and juvenile jokes.
You will meet:
Liliana Velasquez - Ex-dominatrix turned comedian and cabarettist from Colombia who may lead you to confusion about your sexuality. (The laughter is free, the pain costs extra)
Duckie L'Orange - A rather odd puppeteer from Australia. She does weird and wacky interactive performances for kids, and equally wacky but significantly dirtier shows for adults. Ultimately, she considers having her hand up a puppet’s asshole the highest form of art.
Carmen Chraim - They call her the bombshell from Beirut because she got attitude and hummus to boot. A comedy pocket rocket with a fiery attitude.
Crystal Tassels - The American Brat Queen of burlesque, she'll sing, strip, and meow her way into your heart (and hopefully up your skirt). This queer showgirl has exquisite pop sensibilities and somehow always ends up naked.

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