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Venue:Sofi's Southside (formerly Harry's), 42 - 44 Buccleuch Street Edinburgh EH8 9LP
Phone: 0131 662 0974
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Upstairs
AUG 1-12, 14-25 at 12:00 (60 min)
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You normal? Acting strange? Mags, in her 50s, Eddie in his 20s, are both black sheep. Eddie is trying to stay woke. Mags just wants a nap. Black Sheep explores the notion that trying to fit in leads to all sorts of trouble. What if you decided that you are OK? We all know a black sheep or maybe we are one.

Finding head space and heart space for different. By the end of the show you may embrace the black sheep, with consent, of course. What's normal anyway? Reject your Facebook likes, you're grand.

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 7, 2019  The Mumble
Irelandís Mags McHugh and Eddie Mullarkey form a motley dichotomous pair who find fantastic humour in their differences and how they each fit into the world. Black Sheep is intimate stand-up which triumphs at making the audience feel as though they are in on the joke. From a comfortable settling down, an almost constant snigger accompanied the show. The individual jokes were funny but it felt as though there was a larger, underlying gag Ė one which took the piss out of everything.

McHugh and Mullarkey are talented and charming in their own right, but the showís appeal lies in their unusual bond. They obviously have a deep respect for one another, and it would have been nice to see more of their compelling chemistry on stage. They deliver most of the show as individuals, and it struck me as a missed opportunity for more unique comedy as a duo. If they could pull off a whole back-and-forth style set, it could be really quite special.

Their potential as a committed double act doesnít lessen the success of the current format. McHugh is a refreshingly peculiar and assured character; her fearlessness is both inviting and challenging. Mullarkey presents as a cheeky-chappy, class-clown type, but has a warmth in his eyes that gives away his compassionate wit. As we filtered out, both made a point of shaking each audience memberís hand which was a pleasant end to what had been a conversational show. You leave feeling as though youíve just been to lunch at your bizarre but loved Irish family friendsí house. Click Here

August 1, 2019 Mumble Comedy
An Interview with Black Sheep
Eddie Mullarkey and Magís McHugh have teamed up
The result is emerald, comedy emerald!

Hello, so first things first, where are you both from & where are you at, geographically speaking?
Mags: I was born Watford England. Irish parents from Co Mayo. Irish upbringing. So Irish Dancing (Not Riverdance standard) Holidays in Ireland . Never felt English whatever that is. Just wanted to marry Elton John. He married Renarta, I was devastated. In my 50ís now. I moved to Ireland to care for parents. My Dad loved comedy and lent me his chair. I still live in Dublin and for now itís home.
Eddie: Iím from Galway in the rainy west of Ireland. Iím based in sunny Dublin.

When did you first realise you could make people laugh?
Mags: People laugh at me when Iím acting normal. Iím bewildered really as I think a bit differentlyÖ I did stand-up as a wee break from minding my parents. I knew I could talk to people as I work in recovery and with groups. Comedy was a challenge.

... Click Here

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