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CUE Comedy


Venue:The Place, 34-38 York Place Edinburgh EH1 3HU
Phone: 0131 556 7575
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: The Baird
AUG 1-4 at 21:15 (60 min)
Show Image

2 Shows 1 Gig.
Henry Churniavsky (2019 Semi-Finalist in Mot so New Comedian of the Year, London)is a grumpy, sexagenarian. Can it get worse…yes he’s Jewish. Henry talks about getting through the mid-life crisis, but not without the scars. We won’t mention the affair…who catered (Jewish Joke) or the selling of the family car for the 2 seater sports car (classic mid-life crisis)
Henry discusses marriage and how he met his wife. Being Jewrotic (Jewish Neurotic), Hypochondria (another Jewish disease) and a number of surgical procedures he had to go through to be at the Fringe. He will also discuss his charity work, which he is very proud of, as he feels with old age (again discussed) he knows he may be relying on them in the near future.
He has been helped to cope with the onset of old age by his comedy partner (& other part of show) Dickie Dido
Dickie Dido isn’t just your average plumber. With 2 D’s in his GCSE’s and a C in hepatitis, this Liverpudlian Mario first shot to fame during a 2012 episode of BBC’s Watchdog. Shoddy workmanship and a penchant for aggravated assault soon led to several more appearances throughout the years, finally culminating in a brief appearance on the Jeremy Kyle show for cheating on his girlfriend with her parents. Dickie brings music and comedy together.

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