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Spoken Word

Venue:The Raging Bull (Formerly Moriarty's), 161 Lothian Road Edinburgh EH3 9AA
Phone: 0131 228 5558
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Cellar
AUG 19-25 at 18:00 (60 min)
Show Image

Our Man is a one-man show by award-winning British-Cypriot writer Jamie Thrasivoulou. The show explores themes of class, masculinity, mental health, addiction, criminality, suicide, and consequence; framed within the climate of neoliberal Britain. The show contains narratives of men no longer here to tell their stories, as well as those struggling to survive in a system rigged with Tory austerity. This collective experience delivers many harsh truths within this hour-long verse play in which no stone is left unturned.

As a man who has battled the system, ended up lost in it- only to be tossed back out and rejuvenated stronger than before; Thrasivoulou knows first-hand the extent of the battle against the power structures that suffocate those at the bottom of the pile. This show is as intelligent as it is visceral and is packed with dark humour and acerbic witty observation. The narrative forces the audience into the uncomfortable shoes of the downtrodden society it represents. The strong use of imagery and language of the streets permeates the narrative and represents the authenticity of the experiences the show conveys.

Anyone who has seen Thrasivoulou's live performances will already know that he is a true poetry powerhouse brimming with wit, humour, swagger and charisma. He has a growing reputation as a true captivator of audiences nationwide; a man equipped with the lived and erudite knowledge of underclass life, a man that has battled with the demons- stuck two-fingers up and refused to surrender.

Thrasivoulou is the best poet in the UK right now, nobody tells it like he does
(J A Mortram: Award-winning photographer and creator of Small Town Inertia)

This lad is amazing, a true voice of working-class Britain, miss this at your peril
(Cash Carraway: author of Refuge Woman and Skint Estate)

After years of neoliberalism and with the left and socialism once again reaching working-class people, we need voices like Thrasivoulou...
(The Morning Star)

Thrasivoulouís star is rising. Go and watch him.
(Write-Out Loud)

Thrasivoulou's voice is vital, visceral, angry and urgent.
(Matt Abbott, author of Fringe 2017 show: Two Little Ducks)

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