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Venue:The Raging Bull (Formerly Moriarty's), 161 Lothian Road Edinburgh EH3 9AA
Phone: 0131 228 5558
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Cellar
AUG 1-4, 6-11, 13-18, 20-25 at 23:00 (60 min)
Show Image

After the success of its Edinburgh Festival debut in 2018, Full Moon Cabaret is back for more! Unlike any cabaret you've ever attended, the Full Moon Cabaret is Berlin's wittiest, wildest, and most inventive monthly varieté. The sexy and subversive programme features burlesque, circus arts, dance, music, and wacky interactive audience antics, all exploring a theme derived from what the Native Americans called the full moon.

"...wonderfully unmitigated pleasure palace...” - Best Free Shows at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018, Culture Trip

"Erotic & spectacular...essentially, quintessentially burlesque..." - Indieberlin

Full Moon Cabaret is excited to return for the entire festival this year, with 3 or 4 of its most successful shows to be performed in rotating repertory:

When Native Americans dubbed the November full moon "The Beaver Moon" they little anticipated that one day, the toothy aquatic mammal would be a euphemism for female genitalia. For the Beaver Moon, the Full Moon Cabaret dives fearlessly into the salacious slang to explore female power, fierce female icons, and that mysterious center of female pleasure: the clitoris.

The Full Moon Cabaret invites sailors, sirens, buccaneers, & all the fish in the sea to take the plunge into an underwater kingdom for the Fish Moon. This full moon features sea shanties sung in harmony by The Sea Salts with interpretive dancing by the Full Moon Players. Plus deep sea debaucheries including audience-interactive treasure hunts to recover the long-lost booty of a pair of female pirates.

A blue moon refers to the rare occurrence when there is a second full moon in a single month. But not only is the color blue a signifier of rarity, but blue is also a euphemism for pornography. A parade of the perverted and peculiar, the Blue Moon is a fever of filth and fantasy, featuring a drinking game to the dirtiest blues song ever written.

Stroke your pistils & stamens at a sweet summery love-in, featuring absurd mating rituals, tropical delights, frolicking fauns, and plenty of petal petting. This full moon climaxes (ahem) in Viva Lamore's notorious burlesque interpretation of A Midsummer Nights Dream.

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 18, 2019  Broadway Baby
Every night, a debauched affair of revelries and frivolity can be found in the depths of the Raging Bull bar on Lothian Road. Emceed by the self-declared burlesque vixen Viva Lamore, a ceremony dedicated to the Moon Goddess begins. On the night of the August full moon, the Full Moon Cabaret was an appropriate place to be.

What followed was a noticeably feminine event. Lamore doubles as a priestess as much as a performance artist, knowing the names of every Moon and their significance. Sadly, as the current Moon was a Sturgeon one, Lamore’s explanations of its symbolic importance were somewhat interrupted by audience cheering. Saying 'Sturgeon' in Scotland will have that effect, it seems. No one seemed as keen on the Salmon Moon though.

The Full Moon Cabaret recaptures the magic of 1920s Berlin with a mix of vintage aesthetic and mystical allusion. There’s a magical quality to the show, inspired by Lamore’s priestess-esque qualities and her experiences of the KitKatKlub in Germany. She peoples her show with rebellious artists and punk musicians; the German Feline & Strange band peppering the show throughout the night with a cool, gothic repertoire that defied logic with an ethereal energy. Their backing dancers consisted of Lamore’s own Full Moon Players, whose dances always bordered on the orgiastic. Homo, hetero and bisexual love were all on display. The Full Moon Cabaret is a night of anarchic variety, where no performer is similar.

... Click Here

August 9, 2019 Edinburgh Live
14 of the best free Fringe shows at this year's Edinburgh Festival - including top-rated comedy
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August 8, 2019  The Wee Review
A fun night like no other.

Imagine an illicit cabaret club in a seedy basement in Berlin. Smoky, sexy and thoroughly disreputable. Everything is Bob Fosse – Joel Grey is the MC, Liza Minnelli is the lovely Sally Bowles, chanteuse, comedienne and general sex goddess. Then imagine this scene of delicious debauchery transported to an equally hot and sweaty basement in Lothian Road in August and you have the tour de force of cabaret burlesque entertainment which is the phenomenal Full Moon Cabaret, brought to you all the way from Berlin itself by the its irrepressible compere – Viva Lamore.

A million miles away from blander Las Vegas-style showgirl burlesque, Full Moon Cabaret is a gritty, disgraceful and shamelessly rude celebration of flesh and human vices. From the rubber limbs of the twisted Roy Tracey – contortionist stripper and circus supremo – through the Hula Hoops rotations of Anya Askew, and the incredibly beautiful and highly inventive dance of burlesque queen, Arabella Twist – tonight performing a haunting Frida Kahlo routine – this cabaret is a non-stop procession of jaw-dropping performance art and beautiful bodies.

Whereas it’s unfair to single out any member of this irrepressible ensemble, a tiny bit of special praise must be meted out to the stunning ‘dirty blues’ vocals of Nicole Smit who, with seance-like ability, brings back the spirits of Bessie Smith and other dead divas, specialising in their more underground material with lyrics like “I need a hotdog between my buns,” and other much ruder innuendos.

There are drinking games and theatrical tableaux, dancing girls and boys and dirty jokes and irreverent pantomime. It’s fun night like no other and even concludes with the infamous “mooning contest” where audience members can bare all to compete for a half-price cocktail – your reviewer was beaten hands down by a lady in a lurex dress! – and is a fitting end to any hot summer’s evening at the Fringe. Click Here

June 1, 2017 Culture Trip
The Best Free Shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
This devilishly cheeky show is destined to ‘subjugate the world to its eccentric erotica and deviant decadency’ while celebrating ‘the lunacy within us all’. An unmitigated pleasure palace. Click Here

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