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Charmian Hughes | View Performers Biography


Venue:The Counting House, 38 West Nicolson Street Edinburgh EH8 9DD
Phone: 0131 667 7533
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: The Lounge
AUG 1-11, 13-25 at 13:30 (60 min)
Show Image

When everyone around you is self-identifying, and you feel a bit left out, chill! You can join the tribe of What-Nots with Charmian, who also self identifies as a very funny comedian. 'Captivating, irresistible' (Scotsman). 'A class above other stand-ups, great entertainer not to be missed' (Dominion Post, New Zealand). 'Best gags of the night' (Independent). 'Charming ribaldry' (Guardian). 'I love Charmian Hughes' (Bridget Christie). Glastonbury Festival emcee, BBC Radio 4 Pick Of The Week.

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News and Reviews for this Show

January 22, 2019 Scoop News
Charmian Hughes: What-Not
Charmian says ‘My whole life has been a muddle of cross identification. Through a series of accidents and coincidences, I was born German to an English family, brought up Catholic when they were Protestant and was an only child yet had five siblings. If that sounds like the clue to the riddle ‘What am I?’, the answer is ‘what-not’ and I am reclaiming that word as a proud identity.’ Click Here

January 16, 2019 Scoop News
Charmian Hughes – Soixante Mirth
Written and performed by Charmian Hughes
Bats Theatre, Wellington, 9:30pm nightly, until March 4.
Reviewed by Ewen Coleman Charmian has just turned 60 and decides to look back on her life and have a good laugh, hence the title of her show Charmian Hughes – Soixante Mirth.
The 1960s, when Hughes was growing up as a teenager in the UK, is also a major feature of her show.
But what makes this performer a class above most stand-up comedians is the original and innovative way she constructs her show. She goes back in time and encounters herself as a 10-year-old looking forward, before revisiting the dreams and aspirations she had at 14 and then again at 23, all hilariously told.
Full of confidence, with witty and erudite comments that are both funny yet profound, Charmian Hughes is a great entertainer not to be missed. Click Here

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