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Venue:The Free Sisters, 139 Cowgate Edinburgh EH1 1JS
Phone: 0131 622 6802
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: The Gothic Room
AUG 3-14, 16-27 at 19:30 (60 min)
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Sick of sanctimonious liberals lecturing you about global warming, Jeremy Corbyn and sexism?

Award-winning comedian Leo Kearse slaughters liberal sacred cows with razor sharp wit (and actual facts) and shows that it's right to be right wing.

Using data visualisation Leo shows how capitalism has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, nuclear power is the safest source of electricity, Margaret Thatcher was a hero and the Olympics is a racist neo-imperialist canard.

'Kearse is seriously good. Quick, funny, smart and to the point… hilarious' Scotsman

'A giant of the art' Chortle

Leo is the '2015 UK Pun Champion' and has appeared on BBC2, ITV, ITV2, TalkSPORT and Al Jazeera.

Very funny, occasionally shocking but edgily likeable and happily endearing, eliciting guilty laughter from a wide-eyed audience' The List ****

News and Reviews for this Show

August 26, 2017 British Comedy Guide
British Comedy Guide recommended show 2017
Whilst not every joke quite lands its mark, this gag-packed show is a breath of fresh air, with great right-wing comic observations throughout.

British Comedy Guide Click Here

August 25, 2017  Voice
This leftist satire provides an hour of dark humour.
His Scottish Tory persona discusses controversial political matters comically. The show contains well researched political statements, however their controversial nature will still provoke audience members. Covering topics such as different genders, and feminism, Leo attacks mainstream issues with an educated but potentially problematic approach.
His audience interaction was not without fault and some jokes were lost on the delivery. This did not stop the originality of the jokes from being impressive, yet devisive. Calling a show 'I Can Make You Tory' is an invitation for being controversial, and the controversy is handled well.
The profane humour is likely to appeal to a limited audience however it is not without merit. The show is deeply funny, if you're open to less than savoury topics.
I would recommend this show to anyone who is not easily offended. That being said, Leo does not maliciously offend, however the cautious audience may not agree. Click Here

August 25, 2017  New European
A self-styled political comedian who isn’t really very political and not even very Tory, really. This is actually a show which rails against an over-officious, wet-liberal, middle-class PC culture. Fair enough. It’s been a theme this year and one well worth discussing, especially in relation to how alienated it makes some people feel.

Yes, he’s critical of Corbyn et al, but it’s all been said before and felt a bit tired.

Of course, there is no attempt to make us Tory and the reasons offered so to be are watery and weak, as though he doesn’t even believe in them himself. But that’s OK because the real drive of the show is cultural and not party-political, despite the title.

He seemed awkward on his anti-Brexit stuff (which had some of his best jokes), as he voted Remain when so many Tories voted Leave. And at times he appeared to get The Fear, especially when delivering some of the harsher, more vulgar material, which was surprising to see as it wasn’t very harsh nor, by the standards of the Fringe, especially vulgar.

As a Scot, his funniest material was about Scotland and his native folk and growing up with hippie parents. In fact, that was so much better than his political stuff that I found myself wishing he’d stick with it throughout.

As ever, when you sell yourself as a right-winger, there are those in the audience who want some traditional, proper old-school Bernard Manning-esque gags. If anyone wants to do that, there’s a horrible audience hungry for it, and for the harder and more extreme end of it too.

He disappointed those people, but they were certainly present and maybe that’s why Leo got The Fear. Scratch the surface and you can bring the poison very quickly. Dance with the Devil and the Devil will take you away. I don’t think he wants that. He’s a good comedian who looked ill at ease with his subject matter far too often.

This is a free show which pulls a large audience, so I’m sure there’s an appetite for what this show advertises, I’m just not sure he delivers on that prospectus. Click Here

August 19, 2017  Three Weeks
If the title of this show puts you off then you might be pleasantly surprised by the result or, then again, you might not. Leo Kearse doesn’t hold back with his criticisms of the supposed hypocrisies of the left-wing and he certainly doesn’t totally subscribe to political correctness, which at time leads to a frosty reception from some audience members. However, the show is all meant to be in good humour and isn’t intended to purely offend. In fact, Kearse quickly moves away from the political subject matter and instead focuses on a few more personal anecdotes. With some sharply accurate observations, the show definitely benefits from these moments. A controversial choice for some Fringe attendees, but Kearse does make some interesting points. Click Here

August 5, 2017  Broadway Baby
When you see Leo Kearse — and you should — there’s a very good chance it’ll be a four-star experience. Perhaps even five-stars, if he gets a good tailwind from an up-for-it audience and fewer distractions from passing venue staff, for whom having stand-up performed in the backroom appears to be an annoyance. However, I have to be honest about the show I saw on the night, rather than the one it’s 99% likely to become. Reviewing Preview shows is tricky, you see; especially on the Free Fringe, where everything’s that little bit rougher round the edges.

“Are you ready to become more Right Wing?” Kearse asks enthusiastically, though it doesn’t inspire an energetic response given the lack of Tories — or at least people willing to admit to being Tories — in his audience. So it’s left to Kearse to explain how a Scottish, heterosexual white male raised in Dumfries, albeit by “hippy parents” who thought Leo an appropriate first name, appears to have committed the ultimate rebellion and become one of the few people on an Edinburgh stage this August to utter the words “Thatcher” and “hero” in the same sentence — and possibly mean it. Admittedly, Kearse is also the first to describe his show this evening as “a little bit of a shambles”; and yes, it did feel like a list — of reasons why he’s hacked off by Left Wingers, all desperate for something new to get pissed off about — rather than a carefully structured set.

Nor do many of Kearse’s points — about the Benefits system, Gentrification or Global Warming — really hold up against detailed scrutiny or thought — although he’s always ready to throw in the occasional surprise to keep us on our toes. Alas, while Kearse does makes some good points about different levels of privilege and discrimination, he is unlikely to live up to the promise of his show’s title. Make no mistake, though: even when not firing on all cylinders, Kearse is a genuinely solid performer with just the right balance of on-stage bravado and self-depreciation. Adaptable, imaginative and totally assured. Click Here

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