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Venue:Espionage, 4 India Buildings (Entrances on Victoria Street and Cowgate) Edinburgh EH1 2EX
Phone: 0131 4777 007
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Kasbar
AUG 3-11 at 14:45 (60 min)
Show Image

Award-winning comedian Sarah Callaghan fresh from two hugely successful shows and tours of Australia returns with a show inspired by an incredibly lucky escape – forcing her to re-evaluate everything – life, loneliness and fat charges for sky-dives. And most importantly, why do animals and birds have it so much easier, even when they are taking their last breaths beneath shrubbery? 
‘Fiercely impressive’ ★★★★ Scotsman. ‘A powerhouse – an utter natural’ ★★★★ Chortle 

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August 19, 2017  Fest
After her tremendous 2015 breakthrough show, Sarah Callaghan has undergone a self-diagnosed quarter-life crisis, with the 25-year-old delivering a relentlessly downbeat hour that her sardonic bluntness and disconnected material doesn't come close to building into the lofty heights she only recently scaled.

Walking physically unscathed from a serious car crash last year, accompanying factors and her inclination to introspection have ensured the mental scars remain, even as comedy hasn't proved the lucrative career she might have hoped. Furiously, this authentic working-class performer decries those who've described her as a character act, as if she'd choose to be broke and in a dead-end relationship. Unhappily, the success of her comedy appears to be tied to her having a shit life.

Bemoaning the relentless, depressing nature of the news, she affects not to mention President Trump while keeping him as a recurring bogeyman in the background. Retaining a negative view of the state of the world and humanity, she greatly prefers animals – so much more focused and straightforward in their purpose. All except for pigeons, that is. So it comes as a surprise to her to find herself empathising with one as it crashes into a bush in front of her, its struggle for life stirring something within her, stimulating a desire for change.

Much more assured when focusing on her own existence rather than forcing social commentary, Callaghan doesn't quite convince you that she's back on her upwards path. Though since she's unquestionably got the comedic gifts to get there, you hope she succeeds. Click Here

August 11, 2017  One4Review
At the tender age of 25 Sarah Callaghan is suffering a quarter life crisis she states. This self-described London ladette is in a good place in 2017 though and when it came to writing her show this year bemoaned the lack of anything happening in the world to write about!!
So she wrote her show about other events, her love for all things animal, well except butterflies, zoo visits, and being a ‘jobbing comedian’ form the basis for her hour.
She has a bubbly enthusiasm for her work and it is well written and performed but somehow it didn’t really seem to capture the imagination of the busy afternoon show I attended.
The show title is explained in a couple of stages throughout the set and unlike some others it did occur. This together with the more personal stuff, being in love, the serious car accident she was involved in, Australian gigs skydiving, her weight and the aversion to crazy ice cream names, again nicely presented somehow failed to leave there mark unfortunately. Neither did the strange ‘hobby’ she has with pub glasses.
Maybe it was the crowd, I thought it a good set and just maybe on another day when they were with her she would have really shone. Click Here

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