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Sam Quinn


JUL 30-31, AUG 1-13, 15-27 at 12:45 (60 min)
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The moment the world’s been waiting for has arrived! Mr Danger, once voted Britain’s Bravest Daredevil, has finished recovering from his recent catastrophic stunt effort and is ready to wow the crowds again! The man the doctors struggled to save after his explosive failure to jump a motorcycle across 20 double decker buses is back, and he’s thirsty for your amazement!  

Please note: as part of his ongoing recovery process, Mr Danger is experiencing certain issues regarding self-confidence. Both he and his manager are working through these and welcome all public support. Audiences are also politely asked to refrain from making any sudden movements during Mr Danger’s most dangerous stunts, as well as at autograph signings and whilst posing for selfies. Mr Danger is a trained daredevil, and his feats should not be undertaken at home.

'A stunt's not a stunt unless there's a load of people there watching you, hoping you'll fail.' Mr Danger

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 25, 2017  Fringe Guru
Arriving late for the performance, Mr Danger has lost all his courage. And what’s a scared stunt-man to do? Can the audience help him get back his confidence? Can he master new tricks and stand up for himself?

Welcome to Mr Danger's stunt show, full of daring tricks like doing an impression of his mum, and balancing on two small stones. It is Mr Danger's first show back after his terrible accident, and he isn't his usual brave self. With clever use of voiceover and costume, this one-man show is full of giggles and silliness as Mr Danger tries to live up to his name once more.

From the singing cleaner, to the master puppet master Master Bang, Sam Quinn brings these absurd characters to life with minimal props. His excellent stage presence managed to get everyone from the children to the hen-do laughing, involving the whole audience in various daft ways. From using a hand scanner and suggesting ever more ridiculous things audience member might have on their person, to carefully passing forward The Banana, it’s an engaging and interactive comedy

For school ages and above there are accessible laughs, a poo joke, a time-travelling accident and the opportunity to join in helping Mr Danger prepare for his daring deeds. But while there is plenty of physical comedy, for the youngest members of the audience the piece was not quite visual enough to keep them engaged the whole time.

The puppet Master Bang doesn't have a moving mouth, which – as Quinn doesn't do ventriloquism – meant it was sometimes quite difficult to tell who was actually talking. I felt that scene would have worked better with some exaggerated jumping between sides for extra clarity and comedy.

But with a gentle moral for children (and some adults too) along with plenty of silliness and laughs, this is a good show for all ages. While the tricks may not be all that spectacular, they are well played. And if you really want, you can try these at home! Click Here

August 13, 2017  A Younger Theatre
Mr Danger’s Really Safe Show, a one man comedy family show for all ages performed by Sam Quinn, is a clowning dare devil performance show, using puppetry, wacky tricks and plenty of sound effects to entertain its audience of primarily under-9s and their parents.

Mr Danger is a dare devil in training, under the teaching of Master Bang, an evil black cloaked puppet with a claw. He had an accident during one of his last performances. Will we ever find out exactly what happened and why his tricks shouldn’t be tried at home? Maybe we’ll never know.

Quinn has the energy of rocket fuel, whizzing around the tent with wide eyes and a selection of voices. He bravely captures a big blob of poo with a black plastic bag with dramatic cartoon-esque music as accompaniment. He walks around with a metal detector, bleeping it against volunteers from the audience, before scanning it over a mysteriously placed bag and finding…a spoon. Then…a bigger spoon. Then…a really big spoon. And finally…a bomb! Which he sort of defuses successfully; that is, no one is hurt anyway.

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