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Venue:The Free Sisters, 139 Cowgate Edinburgh EH1 1JS
Phone: 0131 622 6802
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Maggie's Chamber
AUG 3-13, 15-27 at 19:00 (60 min)
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Troy Hawke, having escaped the clutches of his centenarian mother, questions many of the aspects of life we take for granted. Discernment is a virtue of the wise! Beware the Poundland, Lizard people and always question the Northampton Evening Telegraph ****'Undeniably funny' (Chortle) *****'...near on perfection' (The New Current) ****'...one of the best comedy acts this year. Will outgrow his venue in no time (EdFest Mag)

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 26, 2017 British Comedy Guide
British Comedy Guide recommended show 2017
Meet the charming Troy Hawke... a lounge lizard with a love of Scrabble. This character-based stand-up set is packed with laughs. You'll never be able to walk past a Poundland again without thinking about a certain pop star.

British Comedy Guide Click Here

August 24, 2017  The Wee Review (previously TV Bomb)
With a genial introduction Milo McCabe presents a character (Troy Hawke) so defined and well realised that the room is instantly on board with his quite unique critique of modern life. As a refugee from a past far removed McCabe’s handling of the crowd is a highlight as he charms with gentle barbs which perfectly suit his effete avatar.
The decision to focus on the present and the fish-out-of-water aspect of this character as opposed to a predictable biography is a wise one, which befits a performer who is evidently in complete command of his persona. Asides to all sections of the room reveal a professionalism and attention to detail that is sometimes lacking in character comedy and the room swiftly relaxes into the set.
The core of the material is a dissection of the apparent egalitarianism of Poundland prices and the disillusionment one experiences when this is not the case. Having been crushed by this deception McCabe retreats to his local Wetherspoons to discuss world affairs with three exaggerated aspects of the political spectrum.
His analysis of these three extremes is both revealing and skilful in its deconstruction of the arguments. The use of a book to conceal himself whilst portraying the various antagonists is a simple yet effective device which allows the viewer to visualise this curious interrogation. Gradually there is a realisation that McCabe is utilising an eccentric delivery in order to breathe life into conventional political terrority but the creation is enjoyable enough to sustain such familiarity.
There is an element of Frasier Crane in the Troy Hawke persona but his writing is distinguished by his own idiosyncratic observations. In the future he deserves a larger stage and an opportunity to develop this excellent show in other media since the character can most definitely sustain it. Click Here

August 5, 2017  Fest
Who knows who the real Milo McCabe is either? He's always bobbing about pretending to be someone else, too. For the last few Fringes it's been the gloriously fey Troy Hawke. And why not? He's a pretty spectacular character – sporting a tiny moustache, silk smoking jacket and a camp flirtatiousness.

These days McCabe's so comfy in Hawke's cravat and excitable hip wiggle, he can effortlessly take on anything the audience throw at him, whether it be a guy eating pizza in the third row or a random contribution from a pissed bloke. For the more demure members of the audience there's the promise of sweeties and a display of some astounding skill with Scrabble letters.

But in The Talented Mr Hawke, McCabe's agenda is bigger than just gaining triple word scores. Having escaped from Mother's clutches Hawke has discovered the delights of his local Wetherspoon's, where he has unexpectedly unearthed a microcosm of global politics as displayed through his new found friends. There's "The Arsehole" Tory of course, "Miami Pete", the conspiracy nut calling out fake news, and a man shaped like an avocado who's the left winger. They argue between them but Troy has found the perfect political system next door in Poundland, and it's about to bring them all together.

As ever McCabe is brilliantly sharp, lacing his wit with just a touch of the surreal – you won't forget the imagined appearance of a pop superstar on Troy's local high street in a hurry. Maybe we should give him a go at leadership – he surely can't do any worse than Trump or May and it looks like there might be a vacancies there some time soon. Click Here

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