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Venue:The Pear Tree, 38 West Nicolson Street Edinburgh EH8 9DD
Phone: 0131 667 7533
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: Pear Tree Indoor Stage
AUG 3-6, 8-13, 15-20, 22-27 at 16:00 (60 min)
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McGhie is back for solo show number seven. He has finally checked in his ego and will be appearing as part of the socialist utopia of the Free Festival. A proper pro for no dough! ‘McGhie reminds you that an hour of pure stand-up comedy can be a great thing’ **** (Scotsman). ‘Exquisitely done, with a compelling, simmering fury… impressive’ **** (Chortle.co.uk).

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August 26, 2017  The Scotsman
For anyone who hasn’t seen one in Edinburgh yet, this is a stand-up comedy show.

No moving X-Factor type back story, no thought provoking revelations and no inspirational meme-type ending. Having said that, at one point Jimmy looks pained and gets out a tissue, but it transpires that his profuse sweatiness has melted the product in his hair and it is running into his eyes and stinging. A warning to all Redken Curvacious Waves users out there. But that aside, this is stand-up. Comedy. A dying art form up here. Thank goodness Jimmy McGhie is kissing it back to life. And he has things to say – about recycled opinions, newspaper questionnaires, poshness, the death of decent music festivals and following sex tourism for a great holiday. He berates Baby Boomers and despises Millennials and whichever you are you will love it because this is hilarious. He had a recent comedic near-death experience on a cruise ship, he was a fat child, and he is bad at relationships and all are grist to his comedy mill. I am so glad his parents divorced or we would not have the Jimmy we have today. The hour is absolutely rammed with funny and I have not seen anyone else this month packing so many intelligent laughs per minute. Laughs per minute is not the be-all and end-all of comedy but McGhie’s show comes like a quality G&T after a day of icky cocktails and reminds you that an hour of pure stand up can be a great thing. Click Here

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