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Venue:The Counting House, 38 West Nicolson Street Edinburgh EH8 9DD
Phone: 0131 667 7533
Links: Click Here for venue details, Click here for map
Ticket Prices: Free  
Room: The Attic
AUG 3-24, 26-27 at 19:00 (60 min)
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Award-winning comic Dave Chawner delivers his new show about veganism.

Exploring the origin of food,ideas & views to understand where things come from.

'This is one comic you have to make the effort to see'-The Scottish Herald.
'His upbeat delivery and candid confessions make for an enjoyable... hour'-Chortle.

As featured in The Guardian, The Independent & The Observer.

As seen on BBC, ITV & Channel 4.

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News and Reviews for this Show

August 27, 2017  Bunbury Magazine
I am going to say this nice and early in the review – Dave Chawner is possibly the nicest person performing on the circuit today.
He is also one of the most thought-provoking comedians I have ever seen. This year’s show, C’est La Vegan, is about his personal transition from being a vegetarian to becoming a vegan. Along the way, he delivers very personal comedy about his family, girlfriend and growing up. The laughs comes thick and fast and he has an innate understanding of how to craft a punchline full of cheek and glee. His jokes are often grounded in reality with splashes of absurd imagery to keep the audience guessing – I, for one, can never tell where Dave is going to take an idea but I know that I will be laughing my proverbial off when I arrive.
In amongst the rapid-fire comedy, Dave always delivers a message. He is not afraid to tackle issues such as anorexia, fat-shaming, mental health issues. No matter what he is talking about, it is always handled with a sensitivity and charm that easily disarms any audience and leaves them with ideas and thoughts to take away.
My favourite part of the show was when he was talking about the ideas of Spinoza, the philosopher that inspired him to make the changes he has made. Until this point, the language Dave used spoke to a high deal of intelligence. Then, talking about Spinoza, the language breaks into street – Spinoza done a lot of writings and shit, according to Chawner. This had me in ruins laughing. I wouldn’t normally reveal this much about a show but I really had to!
I shall repeat what I said at the start. Dave Chawner is one of the nicest people performing comedy today. His easy charm, wit and overall loveliness create a phenomenal atmosphere in the room. Go along and get swept away. Click Here

August 25, 2017  Edinburgh Festivals Magazine
Dave Chawner lives in asides. He can’t get through the first sentence of a story without a quip or a funny recollection. At first, this disorganization can seem agonizing, but it’s this restless, searching manner that makes him so inquisitive and allows him to see things from new angles.

C’est La Vegan is not a diatribe against meat-eaters or your run of the mill vegan-bashing, but rather a thought-provoking, heartfelt discussion about everything from eating disorders to philosophy, focused on Chawner’s reasons for becoming vegan and just a few of the struggles he’s faced after the transition. He deftly explains everything from the difference between veganism and vegetarianism to his favorite fad diets with effortless humor that makes his basic descriptions seem novel and interesting.

His broader message may seem obscured when he interrupts himself for puns, or pauses an anecdote to explain a nickname he had in the story, and his nickname before that, but by the end it’s clear that Dave Chawner isn’t trying to prosthelytize – rather, he is injecting humour and skepticism into things that we consider natural or normal.

His all-encompassing, context-included purview encourages this kind of thinking. One of the highlights of his show is his “is this vegan” pub quiz, where he queries the audience about whether or not certain items contain animal products. Knowing the context isn’t just key to the humour in his stories, but to the modern world where bananas are coated in marine life and things can’t always be taken at face-value.

Chawner’s show isn’t about knowing the answers. It is about remembering to ask the question. Attending his show won’t just get you an hour of laughs, but a lasting thoughtfulness. Click Here

August 15, 2017  The List
A smart and savvy hour about food, philosophy and mental health

You may well be wary of seeing a show that so boldly wears its colours on its sleeve: 'how can you tell if someone is a vegan?' and all that. Dave Chawner's playful herbivorous title belies a humble, thought-provoking hour. Having lived with anorexia, Chawner has a complicated history with food; indeed his 2015 show was about that journey. He speaks candidly and honestly about mental health and how failing to maintain control over his food meant also losing his identity.

He is smart, but not condescending, citing his favourite philosopher as Spinoza due to his belief that everything in the universe is made of the same substance manifest in different ways. It's with this attitude in mind that Chawner tries to live his life.

Throughout, he is at pains to stress that he's not trying to preach or convert, and self-deprecation is more prevalent than barbs aimed outwards. The gags come thick and fast as he worries over what he can and can't do, use or eat as a fairly new vegan, and realises that the only true vegan is a dead one. It's a shame that Dave Chawner might miss out an audience because of some people's perception of the 'preachy vegan'. This show is a gem and deserves everyone's attention. Click Here

August 6, 2017  Fringe Explosion
Exciting show from the most charming vegan in the city! As funny as it is EXPLOSIVELY eye-opening. Click Here

May 18, 2017  Voice Mag
4 Stars
Chawner deserves a place among the upper tiers of British comedy. This comes out in his execution, writing, and timing Click Here

May 13, 2017 Voice Mag
Chawner deserves a place among the upper tiers of British comedy
My choice last year for the Pick of the Fringe, Dave Chawner returns with a new show very much a sequel to last year's show, Circumcision.
Dave Chawner: C’est La Vegan, work in progress
Having established himself as fearless, heartfelt, and comfortable discussing taboos, Circumcision explored masculinity and its expectations and its relationship with openness and mental health. Chawner's decision to go vegan was an extension of this and provided ripe ground to explore the stigma around veganism, specifically for men. The two shows fit nicely together.
The two also reveal a lot about Chawner's relationship with food, which he describes as 'complicated'. He reveals that his past with food and self-image and masculinity enable him to treat veganism with a pinch of salt, having dealt with worse, more damaging misconceptions in his life. All this while being able to tell the jokes about himself that you know that other people will have bored him with.
His delivery hasn't changed – it demonstrated once again how Chawner deserves a place among the upper tiers of British comedy. This comes out in his execution, writing, and timing. It actually leaves precious little to write about in a review.
It's another experience to see a work in progress. Oftentimes, as Chawner did, comedians preface the show by announcing that there'll be gaps and note consulting. Chawner continued to improvise whilst he dropped off the edge of the stage to play some music and process his notes, which served to present his impressive astuteness and professionalism.
The shattering of expectation came right until the end where, rather than finish with quintessentially British sarcasm, he took the heartfelt approach of beseeching the audience to encourage open-mindedness. What of this approach, though? It worked for an afternoon to early evening show we sat in at 16:45, above an overflowing Quadrant. The audience appreciated the intimacy. But in a primetime show, which he could also sell out, a sharper finish that puts a humorous twist on the same message could make it a memorable bit of structured comedy. Click Here

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