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I Am the Horrible Thing THEATRE 
AUG 1-2, 5, 8 at 11:00 (60 min) - Free 
Greg will give you £5 if you come to this show. No joke. The first 10 people to come and stay the whole time will get £5. Greg almost died on vacation in Costa Rica. Now he wants to tell you the wh...
The Free Sisters / The Wee Room 

Object of Desire THEATRE 
AUG 12-25 at 11:05 (60 min) - Free 
"With a tripod, a clothes hanger and an overcoat, Cora Todd, an emerging Scottish performance artist creates a dark, humorous and unsettling performance that is unlike any other I've seen" M Sherin (R...
The Pear Tree / Pear Tree Indoor Stage 

My Mother's Shoes THEATRE 
AUG 3-11, 13-18, 20-25 at 12:15 (60 min) - Free 
Some women aspire to wearing their mother’s shoes. As children, we might have dressed up in them. Later in life, we may follow in our mother’s footsteps intentionally, or because of how we’ve been mou...
Bar 50 / Upstairs 

Tom Short's Wheel of Misfortune THEATRE 
AUG 1-25 at 12:45 (60 min) - Free 
Tom Short is a performance artist, an entertainer who exists in the moment, He has been described as fantastic Impish, Snazzy, authentic, Nerd, Affable, Random, Extraordinary, remarkable, phenomenal, ...
The Free Sisters / Maggie's Chamber 

The Presented THEATRE 
AUG 1-25 at 13:45 (60 min) - Free 
A struggling artist working at a movie theater, Chris goes on a surreal adventure into his subconscious while popping popcorn. From childhood moments to famous 19th century actresses, armadillos and f...
The Place / The Baird 

Goodbye Charles THEATRE 
AUG 19-25 at 14:25 (60 min) - Free 
"I ate the divorce papers, Charles. I ate them with ketchup...and they were good. Gooood!" We are very pleased to present to you the dark comedy and growing cult hit Goodbye Charles, written by Americ...
The City Café / Nineties 

Johnny Depp: A Retrospective On Late-Stage Capitalism THEATRE 
AUG 1-10 at 15:00 (60 min) - Free 
Join Johnny Depp — preteen heartthrob turned wino forever — for a retrospective on every film of his entire career, even the ones we didn’t watch, in order to ask... what happened? Toss your golden do...
The Place / The Baird 

Jumping The Barriers THEATRE 
AUG 19-25 at 15:00 (60 min) - Free 
“Jumping the Barriers” tells the story of a chance meeting on a train between a wealthy young graduate and a homeless northerner, and how this dramatic mirror casts light on the inequality of our soci...
The Place / The Baird 

Drunk Lion THEATRE 
AUG 1-4, 7-19, 21-25 at 17:00 (60 min) - Free 
Drunk Lion Written & performed by Chris Davis Directed by Mary Tuomanen Drunk Lion follows an alcoholic Lion who spends his days drinking into oblivion in a cantina, until he meets Chris, a young f...
The Newsroom / The Downstairs Bar  

Losing My Mindfulness THEATRE 
AUG 9-25 at 18:40 (60 min) - Free 
Do you want to feel calmer, more focused and relaxed? Imagine a life where daily stress just floats by like a cloud in the sky, not a rain cloud, a nice one, a fluffy one. Yeah, do you want that? You ...
Cabaret Voltaire / Cinema Room 

Jock Tamson's Bairns THEATRE 
AUG 21-22, 25 at 19:00 (180 min) - Free 
Part drag, part interactive cabaret, this 180-minute theatrical experience, created by Civil Disobedience, explores queer culture, growing up gay in the 1990s and the bystander effect. Set in an after...
Ghillie Dhu / Auditorium 

Down it Fresher! THEATRE 
AUG 1-11 at 19:15 (60 min) - Free 
After getting dragged along to the smelliest, most infamous night club in Edinburgh by her new friends, Frida the Fresher meets Matt, a posh English guy from the rival university. It’s love at first s...
Bier Keller, Picardy Place / Courtside 

Who Did I Think She Was? THEATRE 
AUG 1-25 at 19:55 (60 min) - Free 
Peter Henderson returns with his new one-man show following his 5-star Edinburgh Fringe hit of 2014 – Who Did I Think I Was? Who Did I Think She Was? Written and performed by Peter Henderson Dir...
Cabaret Voltaire / Cinema Room 

Girl Bully THEATRE 
AUG 1-10 at 20:00 (60 min) - Free 
Two bitches (Mary and Mary) explore the meaning of the word ‘bitch’ in an evening of comedy and theater. With appearances from our childhood selves, mean alter egos, Ann Coulter, and various other bit...
The Place / The Baird 

What Are You Wearing? THEATRE 
AUG 19-25 at 20:00 (60 min) - Free 
"What Are You Wearing?" tells the story of two women. Sarah has just come out of a long term on-off relationship and has not had to date for over ten years. From Tinder to Twitter and from selfies to ...
The Place / The Baird 

Mother and the Monster THEATRE 
AUG 19-25 at 21:45 (60 min) - Free/By donation 
How long can you keep a secret? Charlotte White is a retired prop-maker who once worked with some of Hollywood's greatest legends. Her sudden disappearance from the world of film has been much discuss...
The Golf Tavern / Upstairs 


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