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December 22, 2014 Interview
We have a chat with Patrick Monahan
In the next of our (so far) very irregular series of comedy interviews, the Laughing Horse’s intrepid interviewer Dave Chawner has had a bit of a chinwag with the multi-award winning Patrick Monahan…

Famed for his fun, friendly and unique style of ad-libbed comedy he has appeared on shows such as Splash (ITV), Let’s Dance (BBC) and Celebrity Squares (ITV).#
He popped into the Laughing Horse lock up to have a chat with us and tell us what 2015 holds for ‘the nicest man in comedy’

LH: How did you get started?
PATRICK: When I was younger I didn't think I was a naturally funny person. I realised I could talk me way out (and in and back out) of trouble.  One night in South London I went to an open mic night; there were 20 people in the audience and a pallet on the floor. One at a time people had a go. I thought “well I've got nothing to lose”. I asked the organiser if I could do it he said 'yes' and 14 years later here I am.

LH: What is your proudest comedy achievement?
PATRICK: Playing the Middlesbrough town hall (my home town) for the first time. It was full of locals from the town, as well as family and friends. But, I think the best achievements are ones that just happen. Like hugging fellow comedian Bob Slayer during the 2013 Edinburgh festival for '25hours & 25 minutes'.

LH: You’ve been doing Edinburgh since 2001 – do you still get excited about it?
PATRICK: I love it - just mentioning the festival gives me a buzz.
A month doing your own show every night without having to travel anywhere?
It can get tiring but after 10 years of doing Edinburgh you learn to pace yourself.

LH: What do you do on nights when you aren’t gigging?
PATRICK: I literally gig 6 to 7 nights a week.

On a rare night off I try and catch up with mates, crash in front of the TV, or go and swim with dolphins in the local canal.

LH: If you could give one piece of advice to people on the circuit, what would it be?
PATRICK: Keep writing, keep gigging, and keep smiling.
Enjoy the journey because there's many paths and careers in life and not many will be as fun as this. That's probably 4 pieces of advice.

LH: How do you write?
PATRICK: I sit down and suddenly think "I should just give the flat a quick Hoover" or "I should open that new pack of biscuits and see what they taste like"
You get more motivated a few months before a tour or Edinburgh. You feel a deadline looming. I genuinely try and write something every day. Sometimes it's comedy, sometimes it's a cry for help

LH: If you weren’t a comedian what would you be?
PATRICK: I'd love to be a youth worker or carer. Something that involves getting loads of people, sticking them in a mini bus and taking them to Alton towers for the day.

LH: Your new tour kicks off in February, what’s it all about?
PATRICK: My new show is called "Patrick Monahan’s - Adventures In Monahan Land". It is an extended version of me Edinburgh Show (2014).
It’s about me life at present, about when I was younger and trying to get into house party's. Now a days I'm just trying to get into me own house.

LH: What else have you got in the pipeline that we should look out for?
PATRICK: I've got a massive tour which will last from February to June of 2015.
In-between I'll be making videos online Vlogs and working on projects that involving dating, traveling and hugging. Keep an eye out on me Twitter cos I stick up everything on that.

You can see what Patrick is up to via Twitter or Facebook below



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